Duplex 620

Duplex 620 Wide Area Carpet and Floor Cleaner

Unique Features


Thorough & effective cleaning

Twin counter rotating cylindrical brushes with 600,000 bristles moving at 650rpm provide exceptional cleaning power on many surfaces.

Adjustable machine height

With a simple flick of a switch the Duplex adjusts its height to suit different types of flooring and profiles.

Cleans to the very edge

The unique offset brush design and two way handle of the Duplex range allows cleaning to the very edge.

One Hand Operation

Just flick the switch and the Duplex floor cleaner comes alive and is easily controlled using single handed operation

Efficient wide floor cleaning

Ideal for large commercial and industrial facilities

At 620mm in width the Duplex 620 is the widest model in the Duplex floor scrubber range

A Duplex 620 is a large floor scrubber that thoroughly cleans floors simultaneously washing, agitating and extracting in a single pass.

The Duplex 620 floor scrubber is packed full of features and best of all there is basically no set up time.

Simply fill the two solution tanks with water, select the height setting, pull back the handle and start cleaning. It is that easy.

The Duplex 620 is ideal for use in large areas like:

  • School Corridors
  • Aged Care facilities
  • Airport Terminals
  • Hospital Corridors
  • Sports Complexes
  • Showrooms
  • Supermarket Aisles

Unique Features

OH&S Friendly

Dual-direction; the original design and versatility of the Duplex allows bi-directional cleaning.

With the brushes working to the edge on one side, a fluid movement to change handle position allows cleaning up to every edge without having to lift or turn the machine.

Thorough floor cleaning, even in the most hard to reach areas: under furniture, along skirting boards and in corners.

  • Two large contra-rotating cylindrical brushes
  • Liquid distribution for each brush
  • Double dirt recovery system
  • Removable recovery tank
  • Automatic electrical protection system
  • Three operating functions: washing only, washing and collection polishing
  • Carpet and mat cleaning using the unique (splitting hair) system
Bidirectional floor cleaner

About Green Steam Cleaning

Green Steam Cleaning is an initiative of producing a chemical-free environment and adopting steam vapour based cleaning processes that reduces water waste, and eliminate hazards.

Our Green Steam Cleaning products and machines are Smart Watermark-approved with regard in water-saving process or equipment that care about the environment.