Jetsteam Inox

Jetsteam Inox - Robust, Strong Stainless Steel Steam Cleaner

Versatile and portable machine

180°C Superheated Dry Steam

180 degrees Celsius dry steam is produced by the Jetsteam Inox as a disinfector
7 litre dual tank

7 Litre Water and Detergent Tanks

Large 7 Litre water reservoir and 7 litre detergent tank allows the Jetsteam Inox to clean more areas with less refills.
10 Bar Steam Pressure

10 Bar Steam Pressure

Powerful 10 bar pressure in compact small machine for deep cleaning results.
Continuous Steam production

24/7 Continuous Steam

Our easy "connect and go" feature allows for a hose to be plugged directly into the machine providing a 24/7, continuous water supply.

The Most Advanced Steam Generator with Stainless Steel Body

With Dual Hot Water and Detergent Injection Technology

Produces a powerful 97 grams of steam per minute in a compact design.

Equipped with both detergent and water injection to provide 20% more steam volume than traditional steam machines.

It features a powerful 7L water and 7L detergent tank, and 5L boiler.

Smart Watermark
Inox Steam compact cleaning machine

Never Run out of Water

Our easy "connect and go" feature allows for a hose to be plugged directly into the machine providing a 24/7, continuous water supply.

No cleaning downtime, no stopping to fill up your machine.

Dual injection steam technology

The Advanced Digital Control Panel

Digital control at your fingertips

The advanced digital control panel features a unique timer, allowing for your machine to automatically "wake up" and turn on, and operate by itself.

The easy to use control panel also features digital temperature read out, steam pressure and water connection indicator.

Inox digital control panel

30 Per Cent More Heart

At the heart of every great machine is the boiler.

This huge 5L boiler engine is 30 per cent bigger than any other machine of its kind.

Jetsteam Inox boiler drum

Blast Away

High capacity water tank in stainless steel for powerful cleaning

It's powerful 7L water tank provides a hot water blast that rinses and flushes away debris, dirt and grime.

Jetsteam Inox Machine features

Total Control

The only machine to have both water and detergent injection features. Control it all through a flick of the switch.

At the click of a switch, the steam pressure hand control allows you to choose between minimum, medium and maximum steam pressure so you get the right steam power for your cleaning task at hand.

Total control of steam vapour flow

About Green Steam Cleaning

Green Steam Cleaning is an initiative of producing a chemical-free environment and adopting steam vapour based cleaning processes that reduces water waste, and eliminate hazards.

Our Green Steam Cleaning products and machines are Smart Watermark-approved with regard in water-saving process or equipment that care about the environment.