Jetsteam Maxi

Jetsteam Maxi - Compact, Powerful Steam Cleaner

4 min start up

4 min heat up/ start up

Super fast start up means you can clean within 4 mins of turning the Jetsteam Maxi's power on.
Continuous steam vapour

24/7 Continuous Steam

Separate boiler and water reservoir, allows the Jetsteam machines to run continuously.
4 litre water tank

4 Litre Tank

Large 4Lt water reservoir allows the Jetsteam machines to clean more areas with less refills.
8 bar steam vapour pressure

8 Bar Steam Pressure

Unprecedented 8 bars of steam pressure in a small portable machine.

Versatile Steamer for Everyday Cleaning

Equipped with hot water injection

Jetsteam Maxi is a powerful steamer for its size. It has an 8 BAR steam pressure, combined with a hot water injection making it the smallest compact commercial steam cleaner on the market..

Unique features:

    • Fast start up of approximately 4 mins
    • 8 Bar Pressure
    • Powerful Steam: 180 degree Celcius steam to kill bacteria and remove stains
    • Compact design that is only slightly larger than a football (easily transported between locations)

    • No chemicals required
Smart Watermark
Steam compact cleaning machine

State Art of Technology

Patented TrueTemp technology.

Supersteam Technology:

Our supersteamers do not produce just steam, but supersteam. Supersteam is superheated, dry and consistent steam that cleans better than normal steam. Supersteam dissolves grease, grime and mould build-up, vaporising and killing bacteria on all types of surfaces and equipment, leaving them completely clean and sanitised.

24 x 7 Continuous Steam:

The Jetsteam Maxi is capable of 24x7 continuous steam. This automatic refill system ensures that your steam never runs out even after hours of cleaning. It does not have downtime; you are able to add water any time once you run out of steam, and immediately, you can continue with your cleaning. No waiting for the machine to cool or waiting to heat the water again.

Steam compact cleaning machine


Quick and Effective

With just a squeeze of the trigger, a consistent and powerful jet of 180 degree Celcius superheated steam is available for cleaning. There is no downtime to cleaning as it features automatic boiler refilling.

Complete Range of Accessories

With the adaptation of the steam mop tool and microfibre value-pads, it facilitates deep cleaning and sanitisation of walls and floors with ease. Multiple brush (nylon, brass and stainless steel) nozzles can also be adapted for different surfaces and needs.


Due to its compact design that is only slightly larger than a football, it can easily be transported between locations.

dental chair cleaning with Jetsteam Maxi steam cleaner

A one action mobile unit

Portable and compact

The Jetsteam Maxi is a machine designed for efficient, hygienic and cost effective cleaning. The powerful vacuum removes debris and moisture to leave surfaces dry, clean and sanitised.

The Jetsteam Maxi can be used anywhere where high quality steam cleaning and wet vacuuming is needed. With its hot water / chemical injection, the Jetsteam Maxi is superb for removing stains, chewing gum, bacteria and mould.

Jetsteam maxi cleaner accessory

About Green Steam Cleaning

Green Steam Cleaning is an initiative of producing a chemical-free environment and adopting steam vapour based cleaning processes that reduces water waste, and eliminate hazards.

Our Green Steam Cleaning products and machines are Smart Watermark-approved with regard in water-saving process or equipment that care about the environment.